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I can only accept points atm, sorry! There will be other opportunities to do kaaring art, but just not now ^^ 

Star! No breeding pics needed
Bullet; Black I get one slot to resulting foal
Bullet; Black I can hold for 24 hours
Bullet; Black Sorry I can't accept kaaring/art payments 
:bulletblack: prices are semi -negotiable

Star! Sign my new breeding rules: 2015 kaninkompis Nordanner Breeding rules c: 

:star: Short lined n-mutations (easy to breed doms from, I have bred doms from all of them) 

A1451 Lady Cobra by Kaninkompis nCmp Related to Aconda and Prime
2 slots open
1: 2000 Points for CmpCmp (dom) 
2: offer for nCmp (non dom)

A1484 Sugar, We're Going Down by Kaninkompis nCmp Related to Prime
2 slots open:
1: 2500 Points for CmpCmp (dom) 
2: offer for nCmp (non dom) 

A1401 Moonalisa by Kaninkompis nM Related to Cerise and Tien (group horse) (her last public slot) 
1 slot open: 
1: 3000 Points for MM (dom) 

A1653 Stop When The Red Lights Flash by KaninkompisnKc Related to OurFirstOrphan and Durango (group horse) 
2 slots open:
1: 2500 Points for KcKc (dom) 
2: offer for nK (non dom) 

:star: Dom mutations
no doms may be bred here (kinda impossible lol) 

A1772 Chasing The Sun by Kaninkompis KcKc mare related to OurFirstOrphan,Durango (group horse), Submerge, Ciel and Lilliath
1 slot open:
1:1000 Points 

A1773 Favorite Record by KaninkompisKcKc stallion related to OurFirstOrphan,Durango (group horse), Submerge, Ciel and Lilliath
2 slots open:
1: 1000 Points 
2: 1000 Points 

A1775 Saint Veronika by Kaninkompis CmpCmp mare related to Aconda,Prime,Deadly Serenity and Frostprince
1 slots open:
1: 900 Points 

A1503 My Boot In Your Face by Kaninkompis CmpCmp stallion related to Aconda,Prime,Brutus,Deadly Serenity and Frostprince
2 slots open:
1: 800 Points 
2: 800 Points 

A1419 Bulletproof Heart by Kaninkompis MM mare related to Tien,Cerise,Moulin Rouge,Moon Rover,Uncharted,Misquel, and several peafowls
2 slots open:
1: 500 Points 
2: 500 Points 

A1774 Jet Pack Blues by Kaninkompis MM Stallion related to Tien,Cerise,Uncharted,Moulin Rouge,Misquel and Moon Rover
2 slots open:
1: 800 Points 
2: 800 Points 

9913 Prince Of The Deep Blue by Kaninkompis AtlAtl stallion related to Heart Of Atlantis,Rise From Atlantis,Valor and Poseidon (last public slot before 200 kaaring)
1 slot open:

:star: Naturals

A1280 She's A Wild One by Kaninkompis 
TBTB mare medium lineage
2 slots open:
1: 200 :points:
2: 200 :points: 

3104 Carpe Diem by Kaninkompis 2nd gen ChCH mare
2 slost open:
1: 500 :points:
2: 500 :points: 

2293 Wanna be a Troublemaker by Kaninkompis 2nd gen stallion
1 slot open:
1: 600 :points: 

5950 She's An Extraordinary Girl by Kaninkompis2nd gen mare
1 slot open:
1: 600 :points: 

7926 Boracic by Kaninkompis2nd gen mare
1 slot open:
1: 600 :points: 

7665 They Say My Middle Name Is Danger by Kaninkompis CrCr stallion short lined
1 slot open:
1: 600 :points: 

9260 WalrusPrince by KaninkompisTbTb stallion medium lineage
1 slot open:
1: 500 :points: 

8286 Digital Drugs by Kaninkompis rabicano stallion (related to kascels)
1 slot open:
1: 300 :points: 


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ANY COMMENTS ABOUT ADVERTISING WILL BE HIDDEN. There is no point in advertising contests on my page since it WILL be hidden.


Colored sketch ONE character
Alien's Landing Colored sketch by Kaninkompis
Christmas colored sketch YHH FINISHED by Kaninkompis
colored sketches for EmeraldTheWolf by Kaninkompis
Colored sketch of ONE character

:bulletblack: I can draw any type of character (sadly I only have horses as examples)
:bulletblack: I will use one color to shade and then add another to lineart
:bulletblack: They are fairly quick so there's not many details

:star: If you want more than one character you can note me or request another colored sketch commission and I will include that character with the first one you ordered as seen in examples above.

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